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7th & 8th Grade Choir Syllabus

ECMS 7-8  Choir Class, 2014 - 2015

Conrad Weber, Instructor


ECMS 7-8 Choir Class Syllabus


Welcome to the ECM Choir Class!  The ECMS Choir is a performing ensemble comprised of 7th -8th grade students. I look forward to working with another great group of students this year.


Class Structure & Content:

  • Music Theory & Sight Singing:  learning to sing basic music notation and count basic rhythms.


  • Music and Performance:  learning music of a variety of styles and time periods, and giving public performances.  We will perform Fall and Spring concerts, as well as other performances throughout the year.  


  • Music Appreciation:  studying, listening to, and/or watching a broad variety of music to help increase our musical understanding.


Grades in the choir class will be the combination of the following:

  1. Tests, quizzes, and class projects::  40%

  2. Class & concert participation: 60%

How Grades are Earned

  • Participating in class and performances

  • Theory tests and quizzes

  • Singing exams:  singing selected portions of the choir music by yourself or in small groups.  This will not be done in front of the other students.  

Class Fee:  a one-time fee of $15 must be paid within 3 weeks from the beginning of school.

This fee covers the cost of a polo-style shirt that will be worn for all choir performances

Concert Attendance

  • Concert attendance is mandatory and will only be excused for severe illness (doctor’s note required) or a family death or tragedy.  



ECMS 7-8 Choir Information, Dates, and Events


Fall Fundraiser

We will be doing a chocolate sale fundraiser this fall, and all students will be encouraged to sell at least 1 box of chocolate.  Prizes will be given for top sellers. More information will be available soon.

Winter & Spring Concert Dates

  • Winter Concert:  Tuesday, December 9th, time and location TBA

  • Spring Concert:  Tuesday, April 28th, time and location TBA

All State Auditions

Students wishing to audition for All State Choir should let Mr. Weber know as soon as possible.  The cost for audition music, transportation to auditions, and application fee is $25.  $11 is due by September 4th to order music, and the remainder of the money is due by September 26th.  

Audition Application deadline:  October 2nd, 2014

All State Auditions:  Monday, November 17th, 2014

Receiving Choir Information Updates

I will be using a web-based system that allows me to send group text messages or emails.  Please see the enclosed information from Remind 101 about how to receive these updates.  Your information will not be seen by anyone, and you will only receive information about choir events and important information.

Mr. Weber’s Contact Information:


Cell Phone:  251-538-0827

Email:  jweber@escambiak12.net