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5th grade ELA syllabus   

5th Grade English language arts Syllabus

Escambia County Middle School

Ms. Linam/ 4th period planning




The 5th grade English language arts curriculum is based on the frameworks designed by the Alabama Department of Education.  In this class, students will engage in numerous activities to attain the required knowledge and skills for solving problems and thinking critically in all aspects of the English language arts curriculum. Students are transitioning from concrete to more abstract thinking and are refining their language abilities. Every effort will be made to provide hands-on opportunities, integration of technology, differentiation of instruction, and the lessons will be presented in a variety of formats to suit all learning styles.  


We will be using the Scott Foresman Reading Street series. We will also be using the Houghlin Mifflin English book in conjunction with the reading series.  


Students will not be assigned their own textbook, as we currently do not have enough books for every student in the 5th grade.  Students may sign out a book to take home on an as-needed basis.

Students will be issued their own copy of Scott Foresman’s Reader’s and Writer’s notebook.  This notebook is used daily in ELA and Reading. It is very important that each student take very good care of their notebook. It is THEIR responsibility to keep up with this notebook. IF they are to misplace or lose it, they will have to purchase another one.

Course Needs:

Students are required to bring the following supplies to class every day:

      Reader’s and Writer’s notebook

      2 pencils

      English notebook ( this can be spiral or composition)  and a folder with prongs

      Student planner

      A positive attitude

Absentee Policy:

When a student is absent, they can find their missed assignments in the missed worked basket.  Students must bring an excuse to school after they are absent to be excused and to make up work!  Missed tests and quizzes must be made up within three school days.

Homework Policy:

Homework is an integral part of the curriculum and essential to reinforcing material that was taught in class.  Homework is posted on the board every day. Students should copy it into their student planner at the beginning of class. Students will not receive full credit for late homework.  Homework is considered late if it is incomplete and/or not in the teacher’s hands at the start of class.





Extra Help:

Students may get extra help during our 3rd period intervention period. If I am not your students 3rd period intervention teacher, please send a note to their homeroom teacher requesting extra help from Ms. Linam during intervention time. If they are in band or choir, they are still allowed to do this!!

Grading Policy:

Several factors make up the quarterly grade in ELA.  In addition to daily class work, students will have regular homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and written assignments to complete.  Effort and participation are very important.  Students are expected to be on time to class and to come prepared.  The breakdown for each student’s grade is as follows:


Tests & written papers                         60 %

Spelling tests                                       20 %

Classwork/Homework                            20 %


Classroom Rules and Discipline Policy:

1.     Be respectful

2.     Be safe

3.     Be on time and come prepared

4.     Do not touch anything that you do not have permission to touch

5.     Listen


When they enter the classroom, they are to be quiet and to write their homework down in their planner and then begin their bell ringer. Pencils should be sharpened and paper should be discarded at the beginning and the end of the class period. Students are to write neatly in his or her best handwriting. Students are REQUIRED to bring all materials and must always respect others. Students are expected to behave properly at all times.  Failure to do so may result in a verbal warning, break detention, parent phone call and or conference, detention, or referral to the office. If you ever see that you need to meet with me or any of the 5th grade teachers, please call the front office (251-368-9105) and they will set up a meeting.


Important dates

Progress reports:

November 16th, February 8th, April 18th                                                             


Report Cards:

October 14th, January 6th, March 16th, May 26th


Fall conference

October 22nd 3pm – 6pm


Spring conference

March 24th 3pm-6pm


ACT Aspire

April 4th- May 13th (computer based)

April 11th – April 15th (paper/pencil)

Ms. Linam’s Contact Information:

Brittany Linam

Escambia County Middle School



*E-mail is the best way to reach me.  I will do my best to return all e-mails within 24 hrs.





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*Please put a star next to the best way(s) to reach a parent/guardian during the school day.



Is there a computer available at home?                        Are you able to log-on to the Internet?


            YES          NO                                                              YES          NO


Do you give permission for your child to be photographed?  

YES          NO


Is there anything that would be helpful for me to know?












I have read this syllabus with my son/daughter and we have discussed and understand all of the policies and procedures.



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