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1.  Working on multiplication facts

2.  All students should memorize all multiplication facts




Course Syllabus for 5th grade Math 2012-2013


Course Title: 5th grade math 


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*General Course Objective: The goal of the Alabama Mathematics curriculum is for all students to:

  • develop fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions
  • extend division to two-digit divisors, integrate decimal fractions into the place value system and develop an understanding ofoperations with decimals to hundredths, and develop fluency with whole number and decimal operations
  • develop an understanding of volume


Category Percentages for Grading:

Test: 60% 90 -100 A

Class work: 20% 80-89 B

Quiz: 15% 70 -79 C

Homework: 5% 60 -69 D 59 and Below F


Progress Reports: Progress reports will be sent out a mid-quarter (9-13; 11-16; 2-5; 4-19).


Report Cards: Report cards will be issued at the end of the quarter (10-22; 1-9; 3-13; 5-25) (If grades are unsatisfactory, please schedule a conference.) IMPORTANT DATES:


ST1: September 15,2012

December 10, 2012

March 11, 2013

October 25, 2012

March 19,2013


May 7-10, 2013 Dates subject to change. Progress Reports: Progress reports will be sent out at mid quarter. Report cards will be issued at the end of the quarter. If grades are unsatisfactory, please schedule a conference.

Classroom Rules, Policies, and Procedures: Classroom Consequences


  • Bring all materials to class Verbal warning
  • A void distracting others Conference with student &/or parent
  • Raise hand to speak or relocate Break detention! After School detention
  • Follow all school Rules Office referral

* According to the 20 I 0

Alabama Course of Study: Mathematics

5th Grade Math Pacing Guide 

1st Quarter

  • Comparing, ordering, rounding, and expanding whole numbers through millions and decimals to thousandths
  • Add and subtract decimal and whole numbers
  • Identify numbers less than zero by extending the number line
  • Demonstrate the commutative, associative, and identify properties of addition and multiplication of whole numbers

2nd Quarter

  • Multiply and divide decimal and whole numbers
  • Solve word problems that involve decimals, fractions, or money
  • Determine the sum and difference of fractions with common and uncommon denominators
  • Write a number sentence for a problem expressed in words

3rd Quarter

Identify regular and congruent polygons

  • Identify components ofthe Cartesian plane
  • Identify the center, radius, and diameter ofa circle
  • Convert units of measurement within the same system. (customary or metric)
  • Find perimeter and area ofshapes
  • Analyze data collected from a survey

• Use common fraction to represent the probability

4th Quarter

• Review all objectives