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8th Grade World History Rules, Procedures, and Consequences  

                              8th Grade Social Studies  


       Rules, Procedures, and Consequences        2015-2016




•·       Bring supplies to class

•·       Refrain from talking during instruction and independent seatwork

•·       Eating/drinking is prohibited

•·       Refrain from any personal grooming during class

•·       Raise your hand when seeking permission to speak or leave your desk

•·       Listen attentively during announcements

•·       Line up quietly for any classroom dismissal


Classroom Procedures


•·       Enter the classroom quietly

•·       Be in your seat; facing forward immediately upon entering the class

•·       Take subject notebook out and begin bell ringer activity

•·       Hold all trash until dismissed to your next class

•·       When instructed, quietly proceed to your next class




•·       A verbal warning will be given along with a reminder on the broken rule

•·       Documentation of behavior will be entered into a log and the student will write a Behavior Plan and/or receive a loss of privilege ( NO RECESS )

•·       Student/Team and/or Parent conference

•·       Phone call to parent/guardian and/or a written notice

•·       Office Referral