Dress Code Basics (updated)
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
ECMS presents the basic do's and dont's of school attire....

We at ECMS strive to ensure that every student adheres to our school dress code. 


1. Khaki (tan) uniform style pants with no more than four (4) pockets.

2. No jersey, denim, corduroy, or jean material allowed.

3. No clothing itsms tied at the waist, neck, or body.

4. No cargo, painter, carpenter paints, hip huggers, or low riders.

5. No bell bottom pants and no pants with splits. No un-hemmed pants.

6. No white or light colored pants.

7. All pants should fit properly with belt showing (no sagging shirts).

8. No logos on clothing.

9. Kilts are knee length and shorts must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.

10. Khaki (tan) pants/skirts only.


11. All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel.

12. No boots (cowboy, combat, etc.) that go between the ankle and the knee.

13. Grades 5 - 12 have the option of wearing brown or black shoes, or predominately white tennis shoes. Loud colored tennis and/or tennis shoe strings are not allowed.


18. Turtlenecks may be worn in school uniform color only.

19. Jackets must be in school uniform color only.

20. If applicable, maternity tops (school colors) must be worn.

21. Shirts must be tucked in when on campus.

22. Undershirts must be solid white or hunter green with no print.

23. Long sleeve shirts may be worn under short sleeve shirts.

24. Prepartory students will be allowed to wear the approved gold shirts.


25. No excessive jewelry to create distractions including tongue rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, lip studs, unusually large necklaces, etc.

26. No heavy chains, etc.

27. Earrings must not be larger than a quarter in size.

28. No hats, caps, scarfs, or head rags.

29. No unusually large head accessories.

30. Only natural hair colors are allowed (black, brown, auburn, blonde, etc.)

31. Boys cannot wear earrings.

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